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Custom Designs With The Thick Thigh Fashioned In Mind

ThickThighs by V is a custom-fashion retail destination serving customers with unique body shapes and needs, specifically those with Thick Thighs. We strive to bring both men and women, the trendiest styles, for your unique body shape, from design to concept. Custom fashions are  delivered straight to your doorstep, with a fit that is unlike any other. Thick Thighs by V also specializes in men's custom suiting, prom and wedding dresses, including custom t-shirts and accessories.

About ThickThighs by V

ThickThighs by V was founded by Vicki, a devoted wife, mother and sewing enthusiast! Taught by her mother Vallie "Ann" Cooper, Vicki determined to deliver style to shoppers, who struggle to find fashion that fits their unique shape, specifically those with Thick Thighs. Our custom designs offer customers the opportunity to participate in their design concept, while being assured their fit will be perfect from head to toe!  The custom fashion is created at affordable prices, and our payment and shipping options are simple. What are you waiting for? Start shopping online today or call for your private appointment for prom, wedding, pants suits and more. Find out more about what makes Thick Thighs by V so special.


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Stockton, CA


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